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Hi, I'm Dr. Sarah!


I believe you have the power to elevate your health and achieve mind + body balance.


I’m passionate about optimizing your health and providing you with the tools to live the life you were meant to lead. I spend time with my patients to uncover the root causes of disease so that we can determine the best individualized plan of action. Let’s tackle your health concerns together and work to optimize your health. 


My mission is to bring health back into your hands and help you reach your personal health goals. I strive for you to achieve mind + body balance by optimizing hormones, nutrition, energy, digestion, and brain function.

I want you to feel good in your body every single day.


Feel free to reach out or book a complimentary 15 minute meet and greet by phone! I look forward to meeting you.

My Beliefs

You have the power to heal.You are not broken. Often there is an underlying cause that can be addressed so that you can get back to the life you were meant to live.


Support is essential. Collaboration with other healthcare providers can be imperative in building you a support network where you have access to all the tools you need. I work with you to build a team so that you feel well-supported and cared for.


You know your body best. You live in your body every day and you know yourself more than anyone else ever will. You know when something isn’t right in your body. I will listen to you and work with you to investigate your concerns.


ITRUST YOU. I believe you! Your symptoms are real and I will honour your differences and treat you as the unique individual that you are.

You have control of your health. The things you do on a daily basis dramatically affect your long-term health. Let’s get you on track with a plan so you can elevate your health!

In health,

Dr. Sarah Glassford, ND


               Naturopathic medicine is the treatment and prevention of diseases as well as optimization of health using natural treatment strategies. Appointments involve a comprehensive assessment of all aspects of health, a physical examination and individualized laboratory testing recommendations. Treatment may include lifestyle and dietary guidance, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, acupuncture, vitamin injections, and IV vitamin therapy. Treatment plans are individualized to you and your health needs!


Are you looking for a holistic and individualized approach to your health?

Naturopathic Medicine involves treating the body as a whole and treating you as a unique individual. A holistic approach is used to gather all the details of your physiology so we can work to uncover the root cause of your concerns.

Do you want to feel truly heard and cared for?

Our visits are longer in duration so we can cover all aspects of your health and ensure that you are fully heard and understood. 

Would you like to explore natural treatment options?

Naturopathic medicine involves the use of evidence-informed strategies and a holistic approach to healthcare. Treatment may include lifestyle and dietary guidance, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, acupuncture, vitamin injections, and IV vitamin therapy.

Dr. Sarah Glassford is registered with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario and is a member of the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors (OAND) and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND). 

Naturopathic Medicine
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