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A Nourishing Bowl with Fresh Fiddleheads

Fresh fiddlehead ferns are in season! ✨

This tasty bowl is full of veg & nutrients and contains a balanced amount of carbs, fats & protein to leave you feeling nourished. ✔️Fiddleheads are high in vitamin C, vitamin A, and carotene, and they also contain a good amount of B vitamins and potassium!

Nourishing Bowl with Fiddleheads 🌱

Sweet potato: • dice sweet potato and toss in olive oil, chili powder, paprika, and cayenne pepper • bake for about 20-25 minutes in the oven at 400

Protein & Kale: • fry up ground chicken (or other ground meat) in a pan with coconut oil, onion, salt and pepper • once the meat is cooked, add chopped kale and saute until softened

Fiddleheads: • add fiddleheads to a pan and cover with water • boil the fiddleheads for 7-10 minutes then drain water and sauté in the pan for about 5 minutes with avocado oil and garlic!

Combine all of these delicious ingredients in a bowl & mix it up! I like to cook in big batches so we have lotsss of leftovers 😝

Have you tried fiddleheads? How do you like to cook them?


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