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DIY Fresh Rolls

🌱 Fresh rolls!🥕

A tasty appetizer to bring to a potluck or party. Grab some rice paper wraps, choose your ingredients & get rollin’! 😛

Ingredients: • rice paper wraps • shrimp, pork, chicken or tofu • carrots • cucumber • avocado • mango • cabbage • rice vermicelli • fresh mint, basil and cilantro

Dipping Sauce • almond butter (or peanut butter) • coconut aminos (or soy sauce or hoison) • lime juice

Add your vermicelli noodles to boiling water for a few minutes until soft, then let cool. Slice up your veggies into thin strips and chop up your herbs. Soak your rice paper wrap (one at a time) for a couple seconds in a pan or bowl of hot water. Use a flat surface to lie down the wrap, add your ingredients in the centre and get rolling - sometimes easier said than done 😅. Mix up the ingredients for the sauce and add warm water to thin the sauce if needed. Enjoy!

Have you made fresh rolls? Let me know what you like to put in them! 🙌🏼


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