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Setting Intentions for the New Year

Happy New Year! 💫

Many people have ditched setting a New Year’s resolution because it’s just not something we stick to. Less than 10% of people follow through with their resolutions after a few months. 😔 This can leave us feeling like we failed and that we aren’t doing enough. I don’t want you to feel that way!! ☝🏼 You are always enough.

The new year is a great time to reflect and to set new intentions. We can gain a lot of insight by reflecting on our health, priorities, achievements, and perspectives 💭

What did you like about 2018? What are you doing well? What can you improve? How can you improve?

You are in control of your health. 🙌🏼 If you want to make some changes, start small and set an intention to create change. But it’s really important to avoid overwhelm! 🤯 Try to avoid planning to "fail" with a big list of unreasonably strict resolutions. Don’t take on too many things at once or start off too big.

Change is HARD.

Pick one thing! ✔️ Start small and create smaller steps! Set the intention and know that you have the power to create change over time. If you don’t do it, know that you have another opportunity the very next day.

If your intention is to drink more water, start with 1 extra glass in the mornings when you wake up and slowly increase this over time to reach your 2.5L/day goal. If you forget, no problem! Leave a glass by your alarm clock/phone as a reminder for the next day.

What are your intentions for 2019?


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