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Tips for Thriving Over the Holidays

Tips for Thriving over the Holidays 🎄🥂

⭐️ Try to keep a regular sleep schedule. Even one night of sleep deprivation has negative health effects and results in poor food choices and increased food consumption the next day. Prioritize sleep if you can! ⭐️ Stay hydrated! If you're having some alcoholic drinks, drink a tall glass of water in between every drink or glass of wine. Your body and liver will appreciate it!

⭐️ Try some teas for your tummy. If you’re feeling like you overdid it on the food or drinks, try some soothing ginger, peppermint or chamomile tea. Note: peppermint tea can aggravate acid reflux so avoid after a meal if that’s you!

⭐️ If you choose to indulge in some treats, respect your decision & enjoy it! Try to ditch the guilt while also remembering that you can have a treat without eating allllll the treats or only treats. If there are foods you are avoiding, bring a healthy dish you can eat or make sure you fuel up on good quality proteins and fats before you head out to the party.

⭐️ Stay active! Schedule in some walks or exercise that you enjoy to keep your body moving. A nice walk and fresh air after a meal is great and helps your muscles take up that extra glucose/sugar!

Happy holidays everyone!!


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