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Top Foods for Magnesium

Magnesium, my favourite mineral ✨

Most of us are deficient for a variety of reasons including depletion of nutrients in our soil, chronic stress, poor diet, digestive issues, high calcium intake, medication use & more.

Magnesium deficiency can look like low energy, poor sleep, headaches, period problems, restlessness, anxiety, as well as sore, tight, weak and/or twitching muscles to name a few! ⚡️

Some great food sources of magnesium include: • pumpkin seeds • flax and chia seeds • spinach 🌱 • kelp and seaweeds • avocado 🥑 • almonds • cashews • swiss chard • black beans • hemp hearts • dark chocolate 🍫

Other foods with magnesium include: all leafy greens, chickpeas, oysters, salmon, banana, squash, other nuts and seeds, sweet potato, oats, buckwheat, beans, legumes, quinoa, rice, broccoli, whole grains, coffee, molasses, bone broth & more!

Magnesium supplements can be very useful and I recommend them a lot for a variety of reasons. 💊Different forms of magnesium are better depending on the situation!

To read up more on magnesium check out a previous post/blog I wrote!

What are your favourite magnesium-containing foods? 👅


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