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A Calming Herb for Anxiety, Stress + More

Lavender 💜✨ // Lavendula angustifolia This herb has traditionally been used for centuries in herbal medicine for its calming properties.💆‍♀️The flowers are used in teas and tinctures, and the essential oil (from steam distillation of flowering tops) is widely used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation. An oral Lavender oil preparation in capsule form has been shown in studies to significantly improve anxiety compared to placebo, and was shown to be equally effective or better compared to two common anxiety medications (Paroxetine and Lorazepam/“Ativan"). 📊 Lavender also significantly improved sleep, restlessness, depressive symptoms and quality of life. It was shown to have no interactions, dependence, withdrawal, sedative effects or side effects other than mild stomach upset and/or lavender burps 😝 Lavender can be useful for anxiety and overwhelm, depression, panic attacks, restlessness, sleep issues, stress, and headaches from stress. Bring on the zen! ⚠️ Do not ingest lavender essential oil unless in a preparation/supplement approved for oral consumption and recommended by your healthcare provider. Consult your licensed naturopathic doctor for more information!


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