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Facts About Our Beautiful Brains!

🧠 BRAINS 🧠 The brain is a serious powerhouse of an organ! ⚡️The brain creates it's own ecosystem separate from the body yet it’s intricately connected to our other organ systems. Brain health is so essential to overall health and we still have so much to learn 🤓 Let’s talk about some brain facts for brain awareness week! The human brain: 🧠 weights ~3 lbs 🧠 houses about 100 billion neurons 🧠 is made up 70-85% water 🧠 is composed of 60% fat (once water removed) making it the fattiest organ! 🧠 has roughly 160 000 km in length of blood vessels 🧠 takes 20% of the body’s total blood and oxygen 🧠 circulates about 1L of blood per minute! 🧠 directly connects to the gut (second brain) via the vagus nerve 🧠 consumes ~420 calories/day and lacks fuel stores 🧠 constantly requires glucose or ketones for energy 🧠 operates on an internal clock that is influenced by exposure to light 🧠 produces a hormone called melatonin when in darkness to make us sleep 🧠 is protected by the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) which carefully regulates what can come in 🧠 has a cleanup crew called the glymphatic system that only works during deep sleep 🧠 shrinks by 60% overnight so this cleanup system can move fluid around & eliminate waste 🧠 is plastic - it can change & create new connections!

Did any of these blow your mind? 😜


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