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Hemp Hearts: a Superfood Worth Buying

Hemp hearts! 🧡 The seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant are harvested and shelled so they’re ready to eat. Hemp hearts/seeds are an easy, mild-tasting & nutrient-dense addition to any snack or meal 🍴 2 tbsp of hemp hearts contains about: • 9g fat • 7g protein • 2g carb • 2g of fibre Hemp hearts contain all 9/10 essential amino acids making them a pretty impressive plant-based protein source. 🌱The anti-inflammatory omega-3 essential fatty acids make hemp hearts a great supportive food for heart, skin, and brain health 🧠. They also contain GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) which reduces inflammation and may help to balance female hormones by supporting progesterone production. Arginine, found in hemp hearts, can work to increase nitric oxide and decrease inflammation to reduce the risk of heart disease. Add ‘em to your smoothies, granola, yogurt, salads, etc. I’ve been sprinkling them on coconut yogurt with local Ontario peaches and shredded coconut 😛

How do you use your hemp hearts?


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