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Let's Kick Perfectionism

Striving for perfection? Perfectionism is associated with increased disease and mental illness. It makes sense because of the chronic stress that can result from having a perfectionist mindset. They’ve also found that for people diagnosed with a disease, perfectionism is linked to having poor coping skills and a greater illness impact. The mindset we have affects our physical bodies. Mindset matters! 👊🏼 Perfectionism doesn’t serve us well. It leads to inaction. We find ourselves stalling or frozen because the bar is too high - it’s impossible to reach. I’ve been there.. and it’s not fun. There is no perfection because it’s unattainable. You are not perfect and that’s a good thing. You are learning, growing, and interacting with the world and that’s absolutely enough. We can celebrate our efforts and progress to shift our mindset and allow for self-love. Self-compassion is positive and protective. Every day you are enough 💖


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