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My Ultimate Emergency Snacks!

You’ll always find these items in my bag! 🤩

It can be hard to pick up quick healthy snacks on-the-go when you feel your blood sugar crashing or start to get a little on edge 🤭.

I keep a stock of mixed nuts that are high in healthy fats as well as a collagen protein bar made from fish with good amounts of proteins, carbs and fats! 🐟 I love this protein bar for a tasty snack when travelling or if I need a quick bite between patients (not sponsored, just a fan). 👅

Nutrients from whole food sources are best but bars can be super convenient and useful at times - just be aware of the ingredients they use! ⚠️

I also ALWAYS have water with me 💦

Take a bottle with you as a reminder to drink more and stay hydrated. I opt for a stainless steel bottle to avoid plastics as they can contain BPA (bisphenol A) or other bisphenols (stated as BPA-free) that can negatively impact our hormones.

What are your go-tos that you keep on hand?


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