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Start Where You Are

Start where you are 📍 It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to do everything, comparing ourselves to others, and setting a billion expectations for ourselves. 👀 We are being bombarded with advice from social media, blogs, newsletters, celebrities, practitioners, friends and family. We can get in trouble when we compare our journey to someone else’s because we each have to start where we are - not where other people are. You don’t have to do it all and you don’t have to do what other people are doing. You also don’t have to make a bunch of changes overnight and set unrealistic expectations. Start with one thing or a few things depending on the type and timing of the results you are looking for. Rather than looking way ahead down the road (which is important to do sometimes!), let’s just start with where you are right now 👌🏼. I always outline a few key areas that could use some attention - like sleep, stress management, food and/or exercise. It’s my job to address the foundations of your health so that you can reach your health goals and get to a place where you feel great in your mind + body ✨ Are you staying up late, crashing every afternoon, and drinking 1 cup/day of water but you also want to: overhaul your diet, exercise more, lose weight, reduce your bloating, eliminate your brain fog, get glowing skin, ditch your PMS, and have more energy? This is all possible but instead of looking to hop on a fad diet, cook everything fresh and from scratch daily, take a massive bag full of supplements, and incorporate 20 new things into your daily routine…… START WHERE YOU ARE 💕. Maybe for this person, we really start with sleep and hydration so that they can get the rest and water required to feel energized and work to accomplish everything else in time. Remember that health isn’t a 0→100 overnight kind of process! Unsure where or how to start? 🤷‍♀️ Book a free 15 minute visit in-office or by phone, I’d love to chat!


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