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The Benefits of IV Therapy


I’m excited to join Rooted Naturopathic Clinic + IV Lounge in Barrie where I will be administering IV Therapy as an IV Technician every Tuesday! 💉

IV Therapy allows for the delivery of vitamins, minerals and nutrients directly into your bloodstream bypassing your digestive tract and liver so you can use the nutrients right away. You absorb much more compared to what you take orally 🙌🏼 IVs can be used for all sorts of things including energy, hydration, low immunity, infections, migraines, brain health, digestive health, skin health and wound healing, nausea in pregnancy, recovery in athletes & more! New patients are welcome 👋🏼. Existing patients at Rooted can book with me on Tuesdays or you can come in as a new patient for IV therapy and we will go through an an IV intake process together. Naturopathic Doctors must complete additional training in IV Therapy to obtain an IV license. IV Therapy is not for everyone but it is very safe and powerful when given appropriately! Have any questions? Ask away! 😝 Appointment times are available from 3-6:15. Can’t wait to see you in the IV Lounge! 💆‍♀️ Note: if you are looking to book in with me for a comprehensive naturopathic visit please book in at Headwaters Physiotherapy in Orangeville/Mono as I am offering IV therapy only as an IV Technician in Barrie


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