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Why I Love Being Your Naturopathic Doctor

🔹Naturopathic Medicine🔹

It’s not about simply using a natural supplement instead of a drug. And it’s not a quick prescription of meditation and herbs to be stirred up in a cauldron. It’s an art and a science, it’s research-based, and it involves looking at the big picture.

Naturopathic Medicine is about comprehensively assessing health, identifying the root cause and creating an individualized and sustainable treatment plan for each patient. The plan typically consists of lifestyle & dietary changes, supplements and/or herbs and sometimes acupuncture, vitamin injections & IV therapy. Sometimes it includes pharmaceutical medication and extensive collaboration with Medical Doctors as there is absolutely a time and place for medication.

Here’s why I love being a Naturopathic Doctor:

🔹 I get to spend time with my patients! Gathering the big picture and all the details takes time and I want to hear your whole story

🔹 I have the pleasure of talking about and addressing all aspects of health such as stress, sleep, exercise, food, water and self-care. These are so important and foundational!

🔹 I have access to bloodwork as well as other advanced tests like salivary, urinary and stool testing that allow me to dig deep and investigate for the root cause of why people are experiencing a symptom 🧪

🔹 I focus on health promotion & disease prevention rather than just treating your top symptom

🔹 I get to be your health detective!🕵🏻‍♀️

🔹 I have more tools to use in order to present you with options and help you reach your health goals

🔹 I work to help you create long-lasting changes so you can be well and achieve mind + body balance!

Have questions? Ask!

I also offer free 15 minute consultations by phone or in-office to answer your questions and see if we're a good fit for each other! Online booking link is here:


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